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2006 High Voltage Nationals

Although the High Voltage Nationals race at the Route 66 Raceway was cancelled due to the wet conditions the racers and fans relocated to a local Pep Boys to have an impromptu EV show with some burnout action. Click the photos for a larger image.

Karl Klein
Shawn and Killacycle
336-volt Aggravated Battery dragster and driver Karl Klein   Shawn Wagonner with Bill Dube's Killacycle   Motor Maven Jim Husted on the 24-volt SEVO Orange Crush
Father Time and Frankendragon   White Zombie   Killacycle Batteries
Father Time with his Frankendragon   White Zombie with Chip Gribben, driver Tim and owner John Wayland   The Killacycle's 312-volt battery pack
Rabbit burnout   Aggravated Battery Motor   Matt Graham and Zombie
Bob Rice doing a burnout in his 120-volt Rabbit   Aggravated Battery's 13 inch Warp Motor   Matt Graham driving the White Zombie
Darin Gilbert Burnout   Aggravated Battery   Dualin Burnouts
Darin Gilbert doing a burnout on his 48-volt Pirahna   John Emde prepping Aggravated Battery for a burnout   Dualin' burnout between Matt Graham's 300-volt 240SX and John Wayland's 348-volt White Zombie


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