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NEDRA 2001 Woodburn Results

The fifth annual Electric Drag Races were held at the Woodburn Dragstrip (Woodburn, OR) on August 25, 2001.  The event, sponsored by Electric Louie Incorporated (www.electriclouie.com) featured 7 new world records!  The top three quickest EVs (and winners of cash prizes) were:

  • Electric Louie's go cart with a time of 12.102 seconds
  • Electric Louie's junior dragster "Watts Up" with a time of 12.439 seconds
  • Hendricks Racing's dragster "Viking 2000" with a time of 13.652 seconds

What's amazing about the second place winner is that the vehicle is 96V and official race times are recorded for the 1/8 mile for vehicles 6V or less.  Nevertheless, this 96V vehicle was still faster than many of the higher voltage racers.

During the drag races, we also had an autocross competition going on.  Both the "California Poppy" and Wilde EVolution's 1929 Ford Roadster competed.

The Rannberg memorial cup was awarded this year to Greg Pokorny for his work on the East Coast Drag Races.  His work represents a first for NEDRA: an event east of the Mississippi River and brings electric drag racing to a new audience.

The table below contains the best times for the vehicles which ran. Vehicles that are 96V and under have their times recorded for the 1/8 mile rather than the 1/4 mile. Also, times in red are new NEDRA World Records. Click on the owner and vehicle for a picture of the vehicle, if available.

Owner/Driver, Sponsor & Vehicle Voltage Class & Division Time (sec) Speed (MPH)
Electric Louie - Electric Louie Incorporated - "Ekart" 144 GE/E 12.102 102.71
Hendricks Racing/Donald Hendricks - "Watts Up" 144 DR/E 13.652 95.08
John Wayland - "White Zombie" 336 SC/A 13.800 96.05
Don Crabtree/Duane Gergich - "Dragon Rose" 156 14.202 14.202 89.48
Tom True/Steve Kaiser - "Silver Bullet" 336 SC/A 14.601 88.89
Rich Brown - "Dualin 7" Mazda RX7 144 SC/E 14.990 84.79
Otmar Ebenhoech - "California Poppy" 240 SC/B 16.087 79.06
Rich Rudman - "Goldie" 156 SC/D 17.347 76.98
Don Crabtree - "Justy Nuf" 144 SC/E 25.959 50.69
Electric Louie - "Watts Up" 96 DR/G 7.802* 89.96
Brian Hall/Hassan Hall - Jr Dragster 96 DR/G 9.339* 66.33
Brian Hall/Thomas Cook - Pocket Bike 48 MT/I 11.532* 47.79
Dean Tryon - "Say Watt" 96 MP/G 13.351* 53.38
Eric Hicks - "Extreme Green Machines" 36 MT/I 13.619* 47.64
Denny Tuhn/Rusty Lingenfelter - "Hardly 2001" 24 MT/J 16.69* 16.70

Last updated 9/4/01