Past Events

October 18th, 2019.  PMRA (Professional Motorcycle Racing Association) Finals Race, 9:00 am, Tulsa Raceway Park. Tulsa, OK. 
All classes are welcome to Electric motorcycles: ET, Pro ET, 9.90, 8.90, 8.20, and Pro Open (as fast as you want) all 1/4 mile racing.
We will have a NEDRA booth their for entries, must be a PMRA member (just race fee). More info on the TRP or PMRA web site.


First event of the year
Palm Beach International Raceway Saturday February 2nd - Street Car Drags


2018 Events

Can-Am Bash event
Winterport Dragway Sunday August 5, 2018.

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2017 Events

NEDRA Midnight Madness
Electric drag racing under the lights!
Friday August 18th, 6pm-Midnight, US131 Motorsports Park, Martin Michigan.

Booth Number 7083

Can-Am Shocker event
Winterport Dragway July 23, 2017
More iformation to follow.

Holding a Race

If you are interested in holding a NEDRA sanctioned event, please e-mail us.

Entering Your Vehicle

All EVs are welcome to race, providing they pass our safety/technical inspection. If you are interested in racing see the Classification Rules pertaining to your vehicle


2015 Events

Street Car Drags/NEDRA Winter Nationals
Sunday January 18, 2015
9 am to 5 pm
Private Drag Strip Rental
Racers: $75, space is limited to 70 cars and this event sells out quick.
Spectators: $5, paid at the gate.
For complete information and to register online, visit

PMRA Bike day
Saturday April 25th, 2015
Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, OK
Professional Motorcycle Racing Association (PMRA) sanctioned event. Motorcycle only racing from 9:00am to 10:00pm.
Hosted by Tulsa Raceway Park. All bikes welcome: Nitro's, Pro-Mod, to Street! $15 membership at the track
Look to PMRA or TRP web site for more information

Sunday June 14, 2015 at Winterport Dragway (  Gates open early and time trials start at 9AM.  Racing starts after lunch and goes on until a winner is determined.  You can continue to run time-trials even if you're eliminated early.  No onsite charging capability but there is a food vendor.  Winterport Dragway is a low-key, safety conscious, family-friendly track.  Come on out and have some fun!  For more info, contact Frank

NEDRA and the University of Michigan
September 9, 2015
US-131 Motorsports Park
Gates open at 5pm, racing from 6pm to 10pm
Admission is $10 and just an additional $15 to run your vehicle
Children ages 6-12 are $5 and children under 6 are FREE
"Chronos" from the University of Michigan
"Short Circuit" from the Muskegon Community College
"Electron Rush" by George Grant
Doug Nordman
Team Website:
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Track Web Site:
Invited  are George Hamstra of NETGAIN Motors, and through him Mike Pethel, and Wayne Alexander. 

NEDRA Northwest - Silent Thunder
Pacific Raceways, the Northwest's premier racing facility with support from the National Electric Drag Racing Association and National Drive Electric Week present a day of all-electric drag racing and road racing competition that EV owners and enthusiasts can enjoy as both spectators and participants. Racing starts early. Track opens at 7:30 am. 
Silent Thunder II - All-Electric Drag Racing and Road Racing Event. 

Pacific Raceways, with participation by the National Electric Drag Racing Association, and National Drive Electric Week present Silent Thunder II. A 100% electric drag racing and road racing combination event. 

Pacific Raceways 
31001 144th Ave SE 
Kent, WA 98042 
(253) 639-5927 

Sunday, September 20, 2015 
7:30AM - 3PM 

Event is open to all 100% electric vehicles and will be a combination of road racing with a professional race driver leading on the 2 1/2 mile road course, and continuous drag racing on the 1/4 mile drag strip. Competing vehicles will include factory produced EVs including Tesla, Nissan, BMW, Mitsubishi and others, motorcycles, high-performance conversion EVs,  purpose-built racing machines, and "others". 

This is the only NEDRA attends event scheduled for the Pacific Northwest this year. Your participation helps the efforts of NEDRA and Pacific Raceways to support the EV community. This is one of two events planned on Sept. 20 as a part of Plug-in America's National Drive Electric Week. When drag racing finishes at 3pm racers are encouraged to caravan over to the historic Triple X Root beer in Issaquah for burgers, shakes and socializing. Triple X Root beer is at  98 NE Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA 98027 

Normally a day of racing like this costs upwards of $10K and the fees for road racing are about $395 per car, but Pacific Raceways believes electric vehicles are the future and in order to promote EVs and to make a successful and fun electric-only event track managers are willing to take on many of the costs themselves. Pacific Raceways has also installed many dedicated NEMA 14-50 outlets, a 70/80A J1772 EVSE. There is also an 80A HPWC and 70A J1772 for the Tesla Model S vehicles as well as a 70A Tesla Roadster High Power Connector! NEDRA's Stephen Johnsen will be bringing L6-20 and L6-30 outlet adapters for polite sharing of 14-50s by lower power LEAFs etc. Stephen will also bring his Range Trailer to offer up to 28kW DC fast charging to any conversion or racer equipped with a gray or orange Anderson SB-350 and proper wiring going DIRECT to the most positive and negative terminal in your battery pack. (Range Trailer fast charging is limited to battery pack voltages between 48 and 450VDC) 

Gates open at 7:30 a.m. 
Gate Admission for all spectators and participants- 
*Adults 18 and over $15 
*12-17 $5 
*Under 12 FREE 

Road Course- 
9am – 11am 
$50 for 5 laps (1/2 hour sessions on 2 1/2 mile course) 8 cars maximum at a time. Instruction from professional drivers. 

Drag Racing- 
11:30am – 3pm 
$40 - Test and Tune. There are no long lines to race. You can make as many runs as you want. Open to all types of vehicles, here's an opportunity to skip the usual long staging lines, the stench of race fuel and loud gas cars and drag race your electric vehicle as much as you would like! Go head-to-head with your friends and see who's the quickest! 

PLUS!- Discount for combination road racing and drag racing competitors which is $15+$50+$30 so total - $95 for racing both events. 

All vehicles and drivers must pass safety/tech inspection. Bring a bike, motorcycle, car, dragster or just about anything as long as it's 100% electric. Please wear long pants and sensible shoes (no open toes or sandals) and make sure your vehicle is in safe operating condition. Come early to speed through safety/tech inspection and maximize your racing time! 

Drivers of motorcycles and bikes must wear helmets and leather jackets. Helmets are recommended for all racers and required for convertibles and any EV quicker than 14.5 seconds in the 1/4 mile. 

Get ready to burn rubber without burning oil and we'll see you bright and early Sunday Sept. 20th, 2015 at Pacific Raceways! 

ABOUT Pacific Raceways- 
Pacific Raceways is Washington's premier racing facility and NHRA sanctioned 1/4 mile drag strip first opened in 1959. The management at Pacific Raceways sees electric vehicles as an integral key to the future of racing and in this second year plans to make it a regular Event. 

The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) exists to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology. NEDRA achieves this by organizing and sanctioning safe, silent and exciting electric vehicle drag racing events. 

NEDRA is a coalition of drag racing fans, electric drag racing vehicle owners and drivers, individuals interested in promoting the sport of EV drag racing, EV parts suppliers, EV manufacturers and other environmentally concerned companies and individuals. Working together as a group, we put excitement into electric vehicle drag racing. 

National Drive Electric Week is brought to you by Plug-in America, the Sierra Club and The Electric Auto Association. 

Roy LeMeur 
NEDRA Competition Director 

1/8 Mile NEDRA Nationals
Saturday October 3, 2015
Doors open at 2:00 pm and Racing will start at 4:00 pm.. 

Make sure you bring your generators if needed.

Third Annual
Dyno Dom's Raceway
Sikeston, MO

2014 Events

First of the Year TX EV Drags
Friday January 3, 2014
Royal Purple Raceway
Baytown, Texas
6 pm to midnight
Car & Driver: $20
Spectators: $10
Children 12 & Under: FREE
Contact John Metric

Street Car Drags/NEDRA Winter Nationals
Sunday January 26, 2014
9 am to 5 pm
Private Drag Strip Rental
Racers: $75, space is limited to 70 cars and this event sells out quick.
Spectators: $5, paid at the gate.
For complete information and to register online, visit

Test and Tune and King of the Strip
Friday and Saturday June 6-7, 2014
Tulsa Raceway Park
Friday Test and Tune starts at 6 pm to 11 pm
Saturday testing and Racing from 12 noon to 6 pm for Index Races for 1/8 and 1/4 mile followed by King of the Strip racing starts at 7 pm to 11 pm. Open to EVs.
Tulsa, OK

1/8 Mile NEDRA Nationals
Sunday August 17, 2014
Second Annual
Dyno Dom's Raceway
Sikeston, MO

Silent Thunder Electric Nationals
Saturday September 6, 2014
Pacific Raceways is hosting a full day of electric only racing!
There will be road racing in the morning on the famous 2.3 mile road course and then high amperage racing on the NHRA 1/4 mile drag strip in the evening!
Pacific Raceways is located at
31001 144th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98042

NEDRA at Bonneville
September 2014

NEDRA opens the racing season
with two simultaneous coastal events in California and Florida

NEDRA News, January 28 - NEDRA's two season openers in San Diego, California at the Electric Dragin' and in Miami Florida at the Battery Beach Burnout were a big success. Both events featured hot new EVs that scored new NEDRA Records in the new 1/8 mile. More details to follow soon.

The west coast event was organized by the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego. See for details. The East Coast event was organized by the Florida Electric Auto Association. See the Battery Beach Burnout website for more information.

Listed below are videos and photos from the San Diego event. We will be posting more, as they become available.

10th Anniversary NEDRA Nationals
August 17-18, 2007

Logo and T-shirt design for the 10th Anniversary NEDRA Nationals

NEDRA News, August 18- The August 17-18 race at Portland International Raceway was a complete success.

Click here for more information

This year's sponsors included:

Northwest Handling Systems
Thunderstruck Motors
Hi-Torque Electric
Dutchman Motors
Megawatt Motorworks
Lawless Industries
EV Parts
KTA Services
Totally Hot Electric Vehicles
Keith Vansickle
Suckamps EV Racing
Poorman's EV

Exciting News from the
Wayland Invitational III
July 13 and 14



NEDRA News, July 14- The Wayland Invitational is well underway with plenty of media filming the event including the Speed Channel and the Discovery Channel. Racing this weekend is John Wayland's White Zombie driven by Tim Brehm and Bill Dube's Killacycle driven by Scotty Pollacheck.

Our own Jack Knopf is providing some great YouTube video. Here is what's going down from our on-the-scene reporters toned down a bit since this is a G-rated web site.

Roderick Wilde - Friday evening, July 13

OK, I am a bit late getting back from dinner and John has already done two runs on the A123s and Bill just did his first warm up run at 135 mph at a 9.801 ET. John drove his car to the track with the Lithiums installed and it scared the holy crap out of him when he just barely stabbed the throttle. He had the battery amps turned up to 1000 and the motor amp turned to 2000 and it boiled the tires in a more incredible display then ever before and it might be even considered in the realm of ticket territory in some jurisdictions :-) I can tell these batteries will not be for the faint of heart! On their first run they turned the battery amps down to 500 and the series and parallel amps turned down to 1500 and they did a milquetoast 97 mph at 13.1 seconds. Remember that only a very short time ago this would have been considered a phenomenal time.

On his second run they turned the battery amps up to 900 and the series and parallel up to 1500. They pulled an 11.864 at 109.56 mph. Keep in mind that this battery stack can deliver 1450 amps. I can't wait to see the results. Will Plasma Boy live up to his name and zorch his and Jim's motor or will new records fall like water off the proverbial ducks back. Stayed tuned. I haven't gone to bed yet!



Roderick Wilde - Late Friday evening, July 13

I just talked to John at the PIR track. They were having a minor heating issue with the batteries. They also left their 12 volt auxiliary battery on while they were charging and when they made their third run of the night the voltage was not enough to hold in their contactor. It dropped out three times on the run. There is so much press there it is like Hollywood Paparazzi. Even with power dropping off three times during the run they were able to pull off an 11.974 run at 105.68 mph and totally wasted the hot Mustang in the other lane (see the YouTube Video above) that had done an awesome fear invoking burn off. Alas the White Zombie just waltzed away under partial power. KillaCycle's second run wowed the crowd with a blistering 8.7 second 152 mph run. Spectators and the press are finally starting to envision the true power and the future of EVs. It is definitely a special night for electric vehicles!



Mike Willmon- Late Friday evening, July 13

DUDE!! I WAS THERE. Not to rub it it, but it was an awesome spectacle. Being this was my first Ever drag race Event I must say Even the fast gassers barely turned my head away from all the dedicated Amp heads loitering around. Kilocycle, awesome!!! That's all I can say. I couldn't get a pic of the launch because the 500ms delay on my camera was killing me. I tried leading Scotty more and more each time and after 4 tries I still failed to get him in the frame; not Even the back tire :-( White Zombie with the Lithium pack, was Awesome!!!

On the last run Tim pulled an 11.5 something (I'll let John fill in the details in his part 2 (and now Part 3) of the White Zombie commentary) But holy sh%$, the crowd goes wild, there's a fire on the Zombie, Everyone's chattering "The Zombie is on fire". Looking down the track wondering what the track officials are doing to help out at the end of the track. John's on his cell phone, hands up in the air saying "Awe its alright, Tim just pulled the Oh Sh%$ handle". Apparently the mechanical linkage on the accelerator pedal got stuck down and jamming on the the brakes and locking up the front tires only slowed the RPM's down from 6600 to 6000. Front tires sliding and no slowing down the OH SH%$ bar comes out and a large flash and smoke resembling a motor zorching gets the crowds attention.

Tim drives it back to the pits however like nothing is wrong. Except that about half an inch of rubber from one side of each of the front tires is missing with a nice flat spot about twice the size of my hand is readily noticeable. 550 feet of dragging the front brakes at 1000 battery amps might tend to do that to front tires :-O The track guys said they've never seen a skid mark that long :-I'd concur with the obscenities Wildman alluded to that most likely were relayed by John Wayland.

After losing my drag racing virginity by seeing a race for the first time, I was also honored by being given a ride to my hotel across the river by none other that John Wayland himself (in the White Zombie). Luckily there is a seatbelt in the passenger seat. If John says the lithium pack is obscene, believe him!!! (I have no doubt I'd have said that with the Lead Acid pack as well though) With the full 2000 motor amps flowing through those amazing Siamese 8's the car was severely traction limited. Ass end swinging all over creation looking for a sticky spot to grab onto; all the while flat spots in the front tires just about rattling my teeth out. I did notice though under hard acceleration when the weight was lifted slightly off the front tires it was a smooth, plain old kick in the ass. Talk about launching... I can't imagine also wearing a helmet. It must be all that Tim can do to keep the blood flowing to his eyeballs.

I know this is not a lot of hard core data, but its 2am here and I gotta get some sleep. John is probably just now making it home trying to figure out where to get new front tires tomorrow. So chew on this first thing when you wake up and hopefully after the show John will give you the full skinny. Oh yeah, and Jim Husted finished up that pound of coffe I sent him and called me yesterday to say my motors for the Pinto were done and that he'd be bringing them to the races and show tomorrow. Well I got to see them, and fondle them a little as Jim was showing them off from the back of his truck. I must say that Jim must be bucking for the magazines now with this job. And with the work I just saw he's going to get it. While he wasn't looking I saw the camera crews filming the motors with Hi-Torque plastered all over them. The Flame Job coming out of the Pinto emblem (really a Mustang Emblem on steroids) is superb. Its going to make a lot of nice photo shoots. But hey I just want to get them in the Pinto and get this thing on the track pulling some times. Jim, you can have your couple days to say farewell, but once I hitch those bad horses up, it'll be all over with but the crying. But hey take this to heart, John and Tim couldn't bury our babies tonight, Even with lithium ion batteries :-) and that's a good thing, I guess.

In Jantzen Beach outside of Portland, OR.

News from the Battery Beach Burnout
January 26-28, 2007

OJThe NEDRA Season Opener was Friday evening January 26 at the Battery Beach Burnout, at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach Florida followed by an Autocross, Scooter Cross and EV Show and Shine on Saturday.

The Event was organized by NEDRA Southeast Regional Director Matt Graham and by the Florida Electric Auto Association. The Headlining Sponsor was Vectrix Scooters.

Check out this YouTube video of the dragster Orange Juice and it's A123 Lithium Ion battery pack transplanted from Bill Dube's KillaCycle. 10.9 at 120 mph and the tires were still smoking as it crossed the finish line. Awesome! YouTube video courtesy of Bill Dube.


AUGUST 25 & 26, 2006 COVERED BY

The NEDRA Late Night Nationals held at Portland International Raceway (PIR) August 25 and 26, 2006 was a complete success.

Car and Driver magazine journalist Ted West was there to cover the event and race John Wayland's White Zombie all of which will appear in an upcoming issue. Either March or April 2007.

The White Zombie - a dual-motor Datsun pictured in the event promo above, turned consistent 12's beating each gas competitor it raced.

Many other racers were there including Rich Rudman with Goldie, Dave Cloud and his Super Geo, Brian Hall and his car, Roderick Wilde with Gone Postal, Father Time and his drag bike and Otmar Ebenhoech in California Poppy - his Porsche 914 and many more.

Courtesy of Jim Husted (Hi-Torque Electric)
Jim's Pics

The latest from John:

"Hello to All,

Yes, it's crazy time here at the Wayland EV Juice bar... a hot 90+ degrees, people and EVs everywhere! A more detailed report will follow after this weekend's behind me, but for now this update.

Tim warmed-up the Zombie with two 12 second runs, then it was Car and Driver's Ted West's turn. The nervous journalist received last minute instructions from Tim and I on the best launching techniques and what to expect before he was strapped into the electric Datsun from Hell and sent out to the track. First run . . . 12.6 even after letting off the throttle too early with the finish line still ahead of him. With his head hanging in shame, he vowed not to repeat the error and delivered smack-down 12.3 @ 103 mph second run. Third run 12.3 @ 102 mph. This last run Ted lifted both front tires about 4 inches off the ground immediately, so the front wheels were stationary and not rotating for about 40 feet...a very cool looking power-launch!

Earlier this year, Car and Driver road tested a new 500+ hp V10 Dodge Viper that turned a 12.5 ET, so it's now fairly official from the magazine's perspective, that an electric street sedan runs a quicker 1/4 mile! One additional stat . . . White Zombie ran 12's on all runs defeating every gasser challenge of the night!

Gotta go...time to head to the track.

See Ya...John 'Plasma Boy' Wayland"

We will have further information and pics from the race as it develops.

PIR website:

Mannie, Moe and Jack Salvage Washed Out High Voltage Nationals 2006 Event

Burnouts at Pep BoysAlthough the NEDRA High Voltage Nationals event at the Route 66 Raceway was washed out, EVers made the best of the event and the Pep Boys in Joliet, Illinois graciously offered their parking lot for an impromptu EV show. NEDRA racers and fans had come from across the country to see the race. The weather was no deterrent for hard core racers who did a few burnouts in the parking lot.

See more pictures of the event here.

2004 Events

2003 Events

2002 Events

  • Wicked Watts - March 23, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more details about the event and race results, check out the official results.

2000 Events

  • Silent Thunder 2000 - Northern CA Drags - October 21, 2000 in Sacramento, CA
    For more details about the event and race results, check out the official results.
  • Woodburn Electric Drag Races 2000: " Suck Amps" - August 26, 2000 in Woodburn, OR. For more details about the event and race results, check out the official results.
  • Bandimere Mile High Drag Races - May 27, 2000 in Morrison, CO
    For more details about the event and race results, check out the official results.

1999 Events

  • SEVA Invitational Drag Race - October 9, 1999 in Sacramento, CA
    This small event featured several EVs and three world records were set.  We hope that this event is a precursor to more events in the California area.
  • Woodburn Electric Drag Races 1999: Charging Into the Next Millennium - August 28, 1999 in Woodburn, OR
    This event was sponsored by Dempsey World Record Associates and also by Optima Batteries. For more details about the event and race results, check out the official results.

  • Bandimere Mile High Drag Races - May 22, 1999 in Morrison, CO
    This event was held in scenic Colorado in conjunction with another event. For more details about the event and race results, check out the official results.

1998 Events

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