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Bandimere 2000

Rocky Mountain Electric Drags
Sponsored by Oakley & Bolder Technologies
May 27, 2000

This past May 27, 2000, NEDRA hosted its second event of the year at the Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, CO.  The track is rated in the top five in the nation, so traction is never an issue. The facility is nestled among majestic red sandstone rock formations and is probably the most scenic drag racing site in the world.  Oakley sunglasses were awarded to the three holders of new records.  Bolder Technologies also awarded their SecureStart to the new record setters.

Since the top rail dragsters and several competitive cars missed this event, it was pretty much a battle of the e-bikes. The Bill Dube/Bolder Technologies Killacycle was running in the 10s with two motors.  A new configuration with one motor was set up and a run was made.  The driver, Kerry Hogan, was told to let up if the motor started to arc.  About three quarters of the way down the dragstrip, there was indeed arcing and Kerry let off the throttle.  Even though she was coasting over the finish line, the Killacycle still ran 11.843 seconds at 115.59 mph.  Pretty good for a coasting bike!  Look for more incredible runs from this machine in the future.  Another bike to watch is Brian Hall and ThunderStruck Motor's modified 'Lectra bike.  This amazing 96V beast ran 8.974 seconds at 69.74 mph in the 1/8 mile! The final bike record set was by the Bruce Meland/Electrifying Times Kawashocki III which ran a 12.661 seconds at 112.94 mph.  

The final non-bike record was set by the Wayland/NetGain street legal White Zombie, driven by Rich Brown, which was traveling at the ever speedy 13.186 seconds at 99.19 mph.  It was hoped that the Zombie would dip into the high 12s and break 100mph...the record time was close, but fell short of the lofty goal.  Worthy of note: the car was running much quicker at Bandimere, as all six of Rich Brown's times eclipsed the previous world record.

Home videos of the event can be seen on-line at (for 56K lines) or at (for cable modem and DSL).  The videos are streaming videos, which can be displayed with the Windows Media Player and are an hour in length.

Here are the best times from the event:

Vehicle, Sponsor, Driver & Owner Time (seconds) Speed (mph)
Killacycle - 306V
Sponsor: Bolder Technologies
Driver: Kerry Hogan - CO
Owner: Bill Dube - Denver, CO 
10.642 108.73
Kawashocki III - 240V
Sponsor: Electrifying Times
Owner: Bruce Meland
12.661 112.94
White Zombie - 336V
Sponsor/Owner: NetGain
Driver: Rich Brown - San Jose, CA
Designer: John Wayland - Portland, OR 
13.186 99.19
Bad Volts E-bike - 144V
Driver/Owner: John Bidwell -  CO
15.212 84.76
White Mazda RX7 - 144V
Driver/Owner: Dave Hawkins - Lyons, CO
20.489 63.43
Modified Lectra E-bike - 96V
Sponsor: ThunderStruck Motors
Driver/Owner: Brian Hall - Santa Rosa, CA
8.974* 69.74*
"Dragon Rose" E-bike - 96V
Sponsor: Interstate Batteries
Driver/Owner: Don "Father Time" Crabtree - Burien, WA 
9.163* 71.71*
Driver/Owner: Debbie Rhoades - CA
15.839* 39.57*

* times for 96V or lower vehicles are listed for the 1/8 mile


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