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Black Pearl Rises

Black Pearl makes it into the 1/8 mile 100 mph Club

(continued) I met Matt Graham at Palm Beach International Raceway at 7:30 last night. We prepped everything and made our first run which was a throw away, but everything felt sound and smooth. The track was extremely busy last night and ended up running only with Superpro cars. My first run I came up against a really bad fully tubbed out big block new style s-10. I am still pretty cautious about the launch and really was just going to the track to collect some data on top end RPM. I had recently put a 2.75 gear set in the 9" so that was the main objective. I took m time at the lights and only pulled a .192 while he pulled a .018. now at the 60ft I had a 1.574 to his 1.478 at the 330 I had a 4.137 but now ahead of his 4.260 these motors were really pulling hard and everything felt great. At the 1/8 mile I now was running a 6.477 at 101mph to his 6.631 still ahead at the 1000 at 8.641 to his 8.689 but unfortunately from there I needed to pull another gear- the 11's just would! not continue to accelerate. He barely got me at the big end where he ran a 10.444 to my loosing 10.566. I had no idea how fast I had ran but it felt good. I only managed 113.27 top speed to his 127.93 but it was the race of the night. We went back to the pits, I took my infrared meter and checked motor brush and motor temps, only 112f. Brushes perfect, motors perfect. We topped of the Derek Barger HTS packs which only took about 10 minutes with our PFC 30 then waited for the last run of the night. I staged this time against a really bad Mopar with chute and all. He beat me- Unfortunately didn't get the tires hot enough. I launched (still easy but .099 a little better but right before the 60ft mark went into tire shake then rear end broke loose but I kept in it. I finished off the run with 10.710 @116.14 which is now the HMA (High School Modified) record. Brian, I will get the tech sheet and scan the time slip and get to you. I got home at 1:45 AM this morning and ! had to get up at 8:30 for a family function and just got home. Haven' t even looked at data yet but know I need more gear (gear Vendors here we go) This is what I needed to do run and not break, now time for a little break. I do have free track time at the local 1/8 mile track. I need to take BP there and turn some more heads. Derek- don't get rid of all those cells I have 2 zilla EHV's now and need a 120 cell booster pack- give me more power! WE will talk.

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