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Street car drags in Florida rained out and rescheduled for January 31st.

For all you veteran racers you may remember we hosted Battery Beach Burnout here in South Florida a few years ago.  Well now its time to once again do some mid winter racing. Although not our own production as in the past, NEDRA has teamed up with 2 organizations to offer 2 back to back weekends full of car shows and racing.  Why not have a great 11 day vacation down here in the Palm Beaches.  To start off we have been invited to be part of Supercar Supershow.  (check out the website at: supercarsupershow.com) This is a week long event starting Jan 2, however our portion begins Jan 8.  Jan 8 is a track date at Palm Beach International Raceway.  For NEDRA drag cars it is a normal test and tune for $20.00 from 4:00 to midnight.  Although not a function of NEDRA but if you Tesla owners want a complete road course day on the 8th check out their website.  We have been invited Sunday Jan 10 to exhibit our vehicles on the Palm Beach Waterfront with literally hundreds of the most exotic and classic cars in the country. We have our own electric section.  I displayed Black Pearl  there last year.  I was between a P85D and a model S. There were also numerous conversions.  It is a great show. Now enjoy the week and prepare for Jan 31st. If you so choose you can again attend test and tune on Friday night; however, the best part is Street Car Drags on Sunday.  I am sure many of you have seen John Metrics posts on Facebook.  Once again Brooks Weisblatt has offered us electrics to be part of Street Car Drags free of charge. He will be there with his new P90DL breaking those insane Tesla records. Make sure you go to their website and enroll for this event fills up. This has been one of the most enjoyable track days offered me for the last few years.  I have participated with Black Pearl and last year had the quickest run of the day of any car and the best reaction time of an .003. We have been working on Black Pearl since August and have not been to the track so will be trying out our changes as soon as we get our Gear Vendor units back from California, maybe even at just this event. Save the dates and head on down here to the Palm Beaches for some great south Florida winter fun.  If you have any questions you may e mail me; Lowell Simmons at: vicepresident@...

Voting results for president of NEDRA.

John Metric 68.6% of votes

John Wayland 31.4% of votes

134 total votes or 50% of the membership.

NEDRA NEWS - April 27, 2015
We at NEDRA are pleased to announce the Inaugural 2015
NEDRA Points Championship Series.

Since 1997 NEDRA has been the record keeping and sanctioning organization for electric drag racing. Now, going into our 18th year, we have crafted a platform on which anyone can successfully compete and win.

With a bracket racing format consistency and driver skill are the winning combinations. Not everyone can achieve a record-setting low ET, but attention to details like tires, tire pressure, state-of-charge, launch technique, documentation, etc... can make any Leaf, Tesla, or -other- electric vehicle owner a formidable competitor. These are the folks we want on board. It is primarily driver skill and skill at maintaining vehicle consistency in addition to actually acquiring time slips than makes for a winning combination.

Many are familiar with former NEDRA competitor Dennis Berube. Much of what Dennis accomplished was winning at bracket racing. A reliable and consistent package coupled with a sharp driver brought Dennis quite a few purses.
The purpose of the Inaugural 2015 NEDRA Points Championship Series is to make the fun and excitement of electric vehicle drag racing competition accessible to everyone.

Interest in, and ownership of EVs is growing rapidly. When NEDRA was founded you could not buy an EV in the showroom from a major automaker, you had to convert an existing vehicle or have one converted. There was no lithium battery technology in use, all was lead-acid.

Now, in 2015, we have the most famous drag racer in the world, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, going after 200mph on batteries. Videos showing folks reacting to the -insane- acceleration of a Tesla P85D have gone viral. EVs are poised to dominate many forms of motor racing. We encourage all EV owners to be a part of this now and in the future.


Thanks, Good Luck and Be Safe

Roy LeMeur
NEDRA Competition Director

Street Car Drags 2015

 NEDRA NEWS - January 18, 2015 – West Palm Beach, FL

It’s not exactly unusual to see a Lamborghini or Ferrari tooling around the streets of South Florida, but every year the StreetCarDrags event brings together about a hundred of these and other exotic street cars and high performance supercars for a day of drag racing at Palm Beach International Raceway. This year, in a continuing upward trend, more than 15 percent of the competitors were driving electric vehicles, including three Tesla Model S P85Ds and eleven other variants of the Model S. But while the Teslas dominated the event as far as the number of cars competing, they did not take the top honor of quickest quarter mile elapsed time (ET) for an electric vehicle.

For the third year in a row, the National Electric Drag Racing Association has actively participated in the StreetCarDrags event. NEDRA members racing electric vehicles at the event were StreetCarDrags organizer Brooks Weisblat with his Tesla Model S P85D, NEDRA Executive Vice President Lowell Simmons with the Miramar High School Porsche 944, Bob Salem with his TVR 280i and Michel Bertrand with his Porsche 911. All four set NEDRA world records at this event. Also present for vehicle inspection and world record verification were NEDRA Southeast U.S. Regional Director and Secretary/Treasurer Matt Graham, Production Class Technical Director, Ed Fargo, and Marketing Director, Keith Howard.

The field of vehicles at the 2015 StreetCarDrags included Lamborghini Hurricanes and Gallardo's, McLaren MP4-12Cs, several Nissan GT-Rs, a Ferrari F12 and 458 Italia, a Mercedes E63S AMG, an Audi RS7 and S8, a Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. One of the most anticipated races was between the 700 HP 6.2L supercharged Hemi-powered Hellcat and the 690 HP dual motor Model S P85D. In spectacular fashion, Brooks Weisblat in the Tesla set a NEDRA SP/A3 quarter-mile world record of 11.683 seconds at 114 mph, while the Hellcat smoked the tires through the first eighth-mile for a disappointing finish. Later that afternoon, Brooks ran a backup time of 11.690 seconds in a tight match with the E63S AMG, which had a competitive time of 11.770 seconds. Meanwhile the other thirteen Model S vehicles made pass after pass of consistent 12-second runs.

In a race with a Tesla Model S P85D, Lowell Simmons in the Miramar High School Porsche 944 ran a quicker 10.524 second ET versus 11.925 seconds for the Tesla. Later, Lowell ran a blistering 9.967 second quarter-mile ET and set a NEDRA HM/A3 eighth-mile world record of 6.329 seconds. He also took home the prize for the best reaction time of the day, with a nearly perfect 0.003 second RT.

Long-time EV racer, Bob Salem persevered through some battery challenges early in the day, forcing him to make some changes to the pack and compete in a lower voltage division. After a few passes in the TVR, Bob set a new NEDRA SC/D eighth-mile world record of 9.128 seconds at 72.92 mph. And Michel Bertrand, who drove all the way from Montreal to Florida with the triple AC motor 911 in tow, set a NEDRA PS/F world record in the quarter-mile with a 13.888 second run at 92.21 mph. All records have been verified by NEDRA and are posted at www.nedra.com.

Matt Graham


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NEDRA Events

Street Car Drags/NEDRA Winter Nationals
Sunday January 31, 2016
9 am to 5 pm
Private Drag Strip Rental 
Racers: $75, space is limited to 70 cars and this event sells out quick.
Spectators: $5, paid at the gate.
For complete information and to register online, visitwww.streetcardrags.com


Washington D.C. Auto  Show
 January 20th - 31st, 2016
Washington Convention Center

More to come!

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