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The Roger Hedlund 175 MPH Club

 NEDRA members who have raced from 175 to 199 mph in the quarter mile.

175 mph
John Metric
May 22, 2016

184.37 mph

Panic in Detroit
60ft: 1.301 1/8 mile ET: 7.597 sec.
Event: Sunday Funday
Track: Royal Purple Raceway
Driver: John Metric
Home Town: Lake Jackson, TX
Owner: John Metric
Sponsor: Netgain Motors/Helwig Carbon
Class/Voltage Division: DR/A3
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Specs: Panic in Detroit is driven by four Warp9 motors by Netgain, Helwig Carbon brushes, Manzanita Micro Zilla 2k-EHV's and Lonestar EV Performance Sleeper Cells, It is 2002 Joe Monden Top Dragster.

Don "Big Daddy" Garlits
May 1, 2014

178.42 mph

Swamp Rat 37

ET: 7.526 sec. 60 ft.: 1.168 1/8 mile: 4.811
Track: Bradenton Motorsports Park
Driver/Owner: Don Garlits/Mike Gerry
Home Town: Ocala, Florida
Sponsor: Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing
Class/Voltage Division: DR/A3
Swamp Rat 37 Website
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Specs: 409 volts, 1.4 Megawatt lithium battery pack built by Derek Berger of HTS, 3 Zilla 2000 amp controllers, 6 7.2-inch GE Motors. Dragster built by Mike Gerry and electric drive by Lawless Industries.

Larry "Spiderman" McBride
September 24, 2010

177.09 mph


ET: 7.469 sec. 60 ft.: 1.180 1/8 mile: 4.762
Track: Virginia Motorsports Park
Driver/Owner: Larry McBride/Shawn Lawless
Home Town: Youngstown, Ohio
Sponsor: Lawless Industries
Class/Voltage Division: DMC/A3
Lawless Industries Website
View Time slip
Specs: 363 volts, A123 battery pack built by Derek Berger, Zilla 2000 amp controller, 13-inch GE Motor built by Dennis Berube. Bike constructed by Orange County Choppers as featured in the Lawless Bike Episode.

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